Discovery Biology & Pharmacology Services

In Vitro Discovery Biology & Translational Medicine

  • Cytotoxicity and proliferation assays: 3 D cell culture; cell cycle analysis; microtubule and mitosis test
  • Angiogenesis assays: endothelial cell (EC) adhesion, tube formation, aorta ring explant, VEGFR signaling
  • Epigenetics assays: Acetyltransferase, DNA Methyltransferase, HDAC, Histone Demethylase, Histone Methyltransferase, Bromodomain, PARP screening, and profiling
  • Live cell imaging: adhesion, migration, chemotaxis and wound healing
  • Cell-free assays: various kinase, phosphatase, and other enzymatic assays
  • Simultaneous multiplex analysis mRNA and proteins
  • Reporter gene assays
  • In-cell western blot (ICW) based compound screening assays
  • Traditional western blot, SDS-PAGE, and 2-D gel
  • Biomarker validation and measurement using Simple Western
  • Characterization of mechanism of action of novel drugs
  • Screening of anti-aging agents for cosmetics
  • Development of companion diagnostic methods
  • Drug combination screening for synergistic studies
  • Analysis of post-translational modification of proteins
  • Target identification and validation of drug candidates and novel compounds
  • Genome-wide gene array, low-density gene array, and real-time RT-PCR