NanoString Services


The NanoString nCounter Analysis System uses a digital fluorescent barcode technology that allows for direct multiplexed measurement of gene expression (mRNA), DNA, and protein. The Nanostring nCounter is designed for multiplexed measurement of nucleic acids and proteins with high levels of precision and sensitivity using fluorescent color-coded barcode probes. The probes hybridize to approximately 100 bases and can be multiplexed to detect up to 800 different targets in a single reaction. Pre-built and custom CodeSets are available.

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image of NanoString nCounter system

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler

Our GeoMx DSP platform is a highly multiplex and flexible multi-omics solution enabling spatial transcriptomics and spatial proteomics for drug discover and translational research. It can simultaneously spatially analyze in situ proteins or mRNAs from a single tissue or cell samples. Many pre-designed panels for both RNA and protein analysis can be selected based on study design.

Our GeoMx DSP reliably and quantitatively assesses the heterogeneity within tissue samples with a combination of the most flexible, non-destructive, and robust high-plex and high-throughput spatial solution. This platform helps biopharma and academic researchers explore biology with more targets and analytes than ever before and acquire clear genomic and proteomic profiling and high quality data faster!

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image of NanoString GeoMx system