Immunology & Flow Cytometry Services

In Vitro Immune Cell Functional Assays

We provide highly sensitive immune cell functional assays to support drug discovery and development!

The progress of immunology shows great potential for the development of innovative therapies for cancer, autoimmune diseases, infections, and other illnesses. Immuno-oncology is an exciting and emerging area that harnesses the power of our immune system to specifically target and eliminate cancer cells with minimal side effects. Researchers are investigating the intricate interactions between tumor cells and immune cells within the tumor microenvironment in order to identify new therapeutic targets and strategies. A comprehensive understanding of these targets is crucial for the development of groundbreaking immunotherapies that can activate our immune response against cancer. Current in vitro models used in cancer research require continuous monitoring and phenotypic characterization of immune cell subpopulations throughout cell-based assays.

Our Immunology services at PicoImmune labs cover the entire drug discovery process, ranging from drug screening and pre-clinical efficacy assessments to evaluating human immune cell activity in clinical trials. Our immune cell function assays, combined with our immunoassays, are ideally suited for these research and development endeavors, offering a wide range of highly reproducible and sensitive solutions for high-throughput screening, biomarker validation, and efficacy studies.

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Flow Cytometry Services

Let our experts support all your multi-parameter flow cytometry needs!

Flow cytometry is a versatile and powerful technology utilized in drug discovery and development. We offer an extensive range of flow cytometric analyses to assist our clients in determining the optimal strategy for their project needs. Our services encompass cellular and molecular analysis, facilitating immune monitoring, epitope discovery, immunophenotyping, as well as cell isolation projects.

With innovative solutions for complex flow analysis, we serve as a strategic resource with substantial capabilities to design, validate, and deploy cytometric assays tailored to the unique examination of various parameters crucial for clinical development.

To bolster your research and development endeavors, our flow cytometry services are strategically aligned with specific drug development programs across diverse therapeutic areas including cancers, autoimmune diseases, among others.