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NanoBiotec, LLC (d/b/a, PicoImmune Co.) is a privately held contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to increasing the efficiency of discovering and developing novel therapeutic drugs.

PicoImmune was founded by scientists, is run by scientists, and works for scientists. Our services, designed by our immunologists and cancer biologists, have been sought after by a wide range of scientific institutions from startups to major pharma and biotech companies, along with well-known academic institutions. 

Our Vision

To provide ultra-sensitive and reliable bioassay services to monitor real-time changes in genes and proteins from minimal cell culture, animal, and patient samples to accelerate the discovery and development of novel therapeutics.

Our Mission

We provide high-quality and cost-effective services to the biopharma industry and academic investigators to accelerate discovery and development of novel drugs and personalized medicine for cancer, inflammation, and other diseases with unmet needs.

Our mission is to provide maximal insights from a minimal amount of sample and accelerate the translation of high-caliber innovations to therapeutics as efficiently as possible for the benefit of our clients and patients today, rather than in the future.


Our Values

  • ACCOUNTABILITY. We strive to obtain the best data possible and offer to repeat the experiment, if necessary, to remedy errors or other observed anomalies.
  • HONESTY. We provide reliable data for each project and demonstrate ethics, integrity, and quality in everything we do for our clients and collaborators.
  • INCLUSION. We embrace diversity and foster an environment where we can all work together at our full potential.
  • INNOVATION. We explore new solutions for efficiency and quality.
  • PASSION. We are proud of our work and desire to achieve scientific excellence and success.
  • PRECISION. We ensure accurate and high-quality results by strictly adhering to our standardized workflows.
  • PROFESSIONALISM. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards while striving to be flexible to provide outstanding services.
  • PROFICIENCY. We harness the power of our state-of-the-art instruments and platforms to provide unique and comprehensive solutions.
  • RESPECT. We carefully listen to our clients’ requirements and strictly follow project timelines.
  • SIMPLICITY. We aim to make projects simpler and easier.
  • TRANSPARENCY. We are open to all communications to ensure transparent partnership.
  • URGENCY. We move together with speed and quality because clients and patients are waiting.

Our Team

  • Our team has unparalleled drug discovery, bioanalytical, genomic and proteomic expertise. Our scientists have been well-trained at world-class institutes (such as MIT, NIH, MSKCC, Mount Sinai Medical School, Rutgers, and NYU) and have decades of working experience with multinational biopharma companies, including Novartis, Sanofi, Merck, BMS/Celgene, and Regeneron. We obtain and interpret data from multiple experiments to evaluate drug efficacy and address potential mechanisms behind drugs and diseases.
  • Our scientists are well-versed in developing various cellular and molecular assays to understand drug efficacy by monitoring real-time changes of gene and protein expression in samples from cell cultures, animal models, and patients at a pico level.

Our Platforms

We have established a unique infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art instruments. Our suite of advanced platforms enables highly sensitive bioanalysis and drug screening using minimal amount of sample, which allows us to meet various desired assay performance requirements.

The passionate scientists at PicoImmune have extensive hands-on experience and training with these technologies and instruments and stringently follow well-validated protocols to process and analyze samples quickly and accurately.  

Picolmmune Co


At PicoImmune, our strategy is focused on building R&D partnerships with biotech, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, government, and academic institutions. We are eager to consider proposals for R&D collaborations, strategic partnerships, and co-marketing arrangements.

For additional information, please email [email protected]

Our scientists proudly support many biopharma clients to obtain max insights from miniscule samples!

We are working tirelessly to connect discovery to clinic and scientists to patients.