Immunoassay Services

PicoImmune offers various cost-effective immunoassays using high multiplex or ultra-sensitive platforms to obtain maximum data from miniscule samples.

Our immunoassays can be bead-based cytometric assays or chip-based antibody microarrays to quantify multiple analytes simultaneously in various samples. Samples can be serum, plasma, cell or tissue lysate, cell supernatant, milk, saliva, nasal lavage, exhaled breath condensate, urine, tear, etc.

Variety of targets or biomarkers can be quantitated (cytokines, transcription factors, protein phosphorylation, histone acetylation, mRNA, miRNA, etc.).

Our services include: 

Pre-defined PanelsChoose from hundreds of validated panels, which can contain up to 80 targets or biomarkers involved in signal pathways of cancer, inflammation, autoimmunity, kidney toxicity, liver injury, metabolism, and neurodegenerative diseases among others.

Mix and Match Panels: Use the mix and match system if clients are interested in ordering a subset of specificities from one of our pre-defined panels.

Custom Panels: Design custom panels to combine analytes from multiple panels or request analytes that are not currently in our catalog. Each request will be evaluated for feasibility on a case-by-case basis.

Multiplex or Add-mix-read Immunoassay Development Services

We offer a full line of custom immunoassay services including: Assay Development, Assay Validation, Clinical Trial Testing, and Clinical (CLIA) Testing. We leverage our expertise in development and validation of antibodies and antigens to reduce development time and improve assay results.

Our services include:

  • Meeting regulatory requirements, as required by the client
  • Procuring the analyte and antibody through our development or supplied by the client
  • Procuring appropriate control samples; providing recommendations on appropriate control samples
  • Determining the dilution factor for antibody and analyte and also performing antibody conjugation labeling
  • Determining the dilution factor for samples, standards, and controls
  • Determining incubation times and temperatures
  • Determining acceptance criteria based on data analysis
  • Performing sensitivity analysis and precision analysis
  • Determining Lower and Upper Limits of Detection and Quantitation (LLoD, ULoD, etc.)

We can convert any ELISA assays into a Luminex, Lumit, AlphaLISA, DELFIA, or HTRF format; thus, eliminating time-consuming and expensive steps.

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