RPPA Protein Array

RPPA (Reverse Phase Protein Array)

  • A high-throughput antibody-based micro-array with procedures similar to Western blots
  • A cost-effective, high-efficiency method utilizing automation for increased quality and reliability
  • Proteins are extracted from tissues or cells, denatured by SDS, printed on nitrocellulose-coated slides followed by antibody probes
  • Simple sample preparation, which is similar to Western blots
  • Robust quantification due to serial dilution and replicates of samples
  • Characterization of cellular signaling networks under different conditions
  • Determination of drug selectivity and Identifying therapeutic targets
  • Defining regulatory mechanisms in signaling networks, including feedback loops and cross-talks
  • Classifying patient tumors, determining prognosis, and predicting responses to targeted therapies
  • Understanding pharmaco-dynamics and biologically relevant dosing and schedule
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